Tim Perkis SPAMOGRAM July 2011

Here's my irregular SPAMOGRAM with some news about upcoming concerts and newly available films.

First, My 2007 feature-length documentary about improv musicians in the SF Bay Area, NOISY PEOPLE, is now available for viewing in its entirety at Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/channels/noisypeople.

Also, I recently completed a short film with self-described mystic and sound artist Sam Ashley. Sam tells the story of a trip to the Amazon in the 80's to study shamanism, where he instead finds spy photos, a CIA agent, the Peruvian secret police, bureaucrats in their underwear, leftist revolutionaries... and other guiding spirits.

Both the trailer (http://vimeo.com/timperkis/samfish_trailer) and the film itself (http://vimeo.com/timperkis/samfish) are available for viewing at Vimeo.

Below are upcoming concerts are collaborations with friends old and new -- hope to see you at one or more!

Wed July 6 8:00pm, Subterranean Art House, Berkeley.

Trio with Frank Gratkowski(reeds) and Scott Looney(piano). Also appearing: BRAINS, trio of Karl Evangelista(guitar), Cory Wright(reeds) and Jordan Glenn(perc).

Thu July 14 8:00pm     Orchesperry at the Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market, SF.

SperryFest 2011, the annual festival in honor of the late bassist Matthew Sperry, has a series of events this year, including Orchesperry playing Cardew's Treatise and Trioshift, which is a series of continuously shifting trios of Orchesperry members.

Thu July 21 8:15pm     Grosse Abfahrt at Outsound New Music Summit festival, SF.

Tom Djll's ongoing project, Grosse Abfahrt, built around a core of Bay Area Improvisers with a rotating complement of guests from afar will be re-constituted this night with regulars Dill, Robair, Shiurba, Ingalls and Perkis, along with Kyle Bruckmann(double reeds) and unknown guest(s). Also appearing this night are Dina Emerson and Tri-cornered Tent Show.

Fri Aug 5 8:00PM      Nightshade at Old First Church, SF.

Wed Aug 10 8:00      Nightshade at Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkeley.

Bassist Lisa Mezzacappa's project Nightshade including Cory Wright(clarinets), John Finkbeiner(elec guitar), Kjell Nordeson(vibe/perc), Lisa(bass) and myself plays compositions which include improvisation. I love playing with this group and I'm excited that we have several concerts coming up this fall and a CD release!

Fri Aug 12 8:00      Lost Trio Plus at Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkeley.

This should be an interesting one, where Phillip Greenlief's Lost Trio -- PG on sax, Dan Seamans(bass), Tom Haslett(perc) -- opens up to collaborations with an as-yet-unnamed set of bay area players, including me... The Lost Trio is one of my favorite bands, a kind of jazz trio with a different sensibility to it, and it will interesting to figure out how to insert myself into a context that is so foreign to what I'm used to doing!

So I hope you can make it to one of these. And, as always, if you don’t really need to get my mailings, please accept my apologies, email me at tim@perkis.com and I’ll take you off the list.